Our History

Albert Pilavin founded Apex® in 1924.

Pilavin originally founded Apex® as an automotive tire and service company including tire re-treading, manufacturing and auto service and sales.  Albert Pilavin was in his early twenties when he first started Apex® at its original location on Westminster Street in Providence, Rhode Island.

Al Pilavin named the companies “Apex” because his initials were A.P., he liked the meaning of the word “Apex” (which is synonymous with reaching the highest level, the “best” or the “summit”) and he felt that Apex was the most appropriate name for his companies. Since 1924, Apex® has been living up to its name by providing its customers with trusted car care and the best service and products available.

Apex®  expanded its tire and service center business and became a chain of 16 Apex Tire and Service Centers on the east coast of the United States. After the hurricane of 1938, which caused damage to the Apex building on Westminster Street, Albert Pilavin moved the businesses to Central Avenue in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Thereafter, Apex decided to focus its tire and service business on its core New England market and consolidated its operation by returning to focus on servicing its original market. For over 90 years now, Apex® has been the leading tire and service center in Southeastern New England.

For all inquiries, the Apex® Tire & Service Center can be reached at :

· 401-725-0540

· In the Apex Mall® at 1 School Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island      

· www.apextireandservice.com                                            

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Albert Pilavin,

Founder of Apex®