Price: 11.99

SKU/Item Number: CWK8B

Here are just a few of the automotive products we have available for purchase online or through our Quickup® locations:

8 qt. bucket contains 2 sponges, scrubber sponge, wash ‘n buff mitt.  Ecoapex  friendly bucket molded with up to 100% home recycled material.  Made in the USA.


Apex Car Wash Kit

Price: 19.99

SKU/Item Number: 08435

Road Power Medium Duty Booster Cable

Price: 2.99

SKU/Item Number: 10-T

10.5” x 16” Buffs your automobile to a super clean shine!  Great for dusting the interior of your car or home!  Ideal for boats and RV’s.  Absorbs up to 3X faster than other towels!  Use it wet or dry.  Machine washable.

Apex Amazing Chamois

Price: 32.99

SKU/Item Number: insapoairco

Interdynamics Safari Portable Air Compressor

Price: 2.49

SKU/Item Number: 690800

Available for pick up only through one of our Quickup® locations

Apex Windshield Washing Fluid

Price: 6.99

SKU/Item Number: 115-WSH

Made of natural hardwood and solid steel.

Apex Hammer

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Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner

SKU/Item Number: wiglcl

Price: 4.49

Apex Squeegee

Handy 7 inch window squeegee.  Perfect size for auto or shower cleaning.  Made in the USA.

SKU/Item Number: PS2A

Price: 2.49

Anco Aero Vantage Windshield Wiper Blade

SKU/Item Number: wiwi

Price: 10.99

Fram PH3600 Oil Filter

Fram Extra Guard PH3600

SKU/Item Number: framoilfilter

Price: 5.29

Apex 3.5 Gallon Bucket

Environmentally friendly, made of recycled materials.  Persian blue with black handle.


SKU/Item Number: wiwi

Price: 10.99

12 Foot, 8 Gauge, Medium duty; Fits side and top post batteries



12 Volt; 275 PSI; Protected in rugged storage case


Concentrated, can make 3.75 gallons of general cleaner; Non-toxic, biodegradable; 16 oz.

#19; 476mm; Kwik Connect System; Dura Klear Plus rubber compound